The pain isn’t from the change, the pain is from the struggeling against the change.


Keynote speech: Post-Digital Geopolitics | Third Wave GmbH.


A long time ago, countries were developed as a matter of distance between people. Distance defined us. The others were them.

Ergebnis: Hierarchie. Überall wo wir sind befinden wir uns an einer Position innerhalb einer Hierarchie: Child, CEO, Student, Cheerleader.

–> We life while having „The wrong cognitive toolkits.“

Cold war: you knew who the enemies were.

.com Boom and after: Rules are rewritten, there are no rules to success anymore.

9/11: We don’t know anymore who the enemy is.

So what now? Instead of starting to drink you read self help books.

All the fundamental bases of those hierarchies are fallen apart, the distance between countries don’t make sense anymore. We have friends all over the world, they’ll get the email within seconds.

We built different countries, based on what we are interested in: open source programming, vampire clothes… –> You form communities with people with the same interests.

Mailinglists are not addressable as a person, but you could call russia if something happened. –> Pyramids and Sheets.

There are people who grew up with hierarchies, they don’t understand how networks work. „Shoot the leader and everybody else will go away“

They not only don’t unterstand how to understand networks, and they are in the majority!

Sheets: People who don’t even understand the idea of hierarchies.

–> Our mission: How can we explain innovation to „the old people“.

People will innovate anyway because it’s fun. Our problem is to translate it. Explain, not complain.